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It was a real surprise to find this fantastic old fashioned general store in Potamos Kithira. A family run business started in 1945 and handed down from grandfather to grandaughter. Matthew’s eyes nearly fell out of his head when he saw stacks of floral enamel bowls and plates. ‘Just what I need for my new studio’ he announced. I left with a ball of brown string and tradition white curtains for My Greek Island Home. I must admit  it was difficult to leave this shop and all it’s treasures, it will be the first stop on our next visit, which hopefully will be soon.

I’m loving the summer on My Greek Island Home and the shadows created by the abundance of harsh sunlight. There are patterns everywhere, transforming static surfaces into moving images.












We have gone from Our Greek Island Home on a Greek Island holiday. No dog walking, kitten feeding or animal rescue for a week! We are on the island of Kithira, a beautiful island between Crete and main land Greece and it is bliss. Here is a taste of what touches our senses every day. Now I will jump back into the crystal waters and swim my heart out. Happy summer holidays


IMG_0364 snakedA

hannah 1

IMG_0221 snaked A

hannah 4

IMG_0061 snaked

hannah 2

One of my last days in Sydney was spent with my sister, Monica and her daughter Hannah at Neilson Park, a beautiful harbour beach in Sydney. These are some of the snaps I took of beautiful Hannah.

On the morning of my departure from Sydney an email notification hits the spot. Where do you come from? A post by Carla Coulson, it stops me in my tracks. Food for thought on a very long, 30 hour trip door to door from my native Australia to my home on the Greek Island of Lesvos. This trip has been the longest time I have spent to date in Australia since my departure in 1983. Although it has been more than hectic, it has been a fabulous trip. The launch of my latest book, My Greek Island Home has been a wonderful experience and introduced me to lots of new creative friends, Carla has been one of them. Old friends do not be worried, you are all so special and all very creative too and I enjoy our time together enormously. Spending time with my family when I’m in Sydney also means a lot to me. On my latest visit my Dad gave me an A5 envelope containing some of his father’s documents to read. These are some of Dad’s treasures and I felt very privileged to have them handed over to me. My Grandfather, John Joseph Lloyd started an apprenticeship in 1921 on Cockatoo Island. My Dad, Mum, Matthew and I took a ferry ride across Sydney harbour to Cockatoo Island as Dad was keen to show me where my Grandfathers working life began. This was something we had discussed doing on several occasions. It was such a beautiful summers day, the perfect day for such a trip. Cockatoo Island is a fascinating place and walking around the grounds and seeing all the old buildings reminded us of such a different life and time. It was a great thing to do with Dad as he told me the stories he remembered being told of his father’s time there, we guessed which of the buildings he may have worked in. My Grandfather John or Jack as he was called married my Grandmother Mary in 1926, they were both 20 years of age. My grandfather left Cockatoo to go to the war in November 1940. He served for 1,118 days, 744 of these were spent outside Australia. When he arrived back to his family his thick black hair had turned completely white and he was missing his left arm. He was refused his job back at Cockatoo Island and he took legal action. The case went to court and my Grandfather won, however he didn’t go back on principal. Sadly my Grandfather died just 8 months before I was born, he was 50. My Grandmother always told me how much he would have loved me and I believed her. Walking around the Island with my Dad made me wonder about the hopes and dreams of a young boy starting his life as an apprentice and wishing I had had him physically in my life. So Carla’s question, where do you come from reminded me of the trip I took with my Dad only a week, to the day before. Thank you Carla for that thought provoking question. Below some photos of our trip to Cockatoo.







IMG_0135 My wonderful Dad



















As my wonderful time in Australia draws to a close I am reminded of beautiful summer days spent with gorgeous friends. These days spent on Stradbroke Island on the eastern side of Moreton Bay, close to Brisbane have been amongst my favourite. Beautiful lazy beach days with Dave, Rob, Matthew, Eddie and Lil. Thank you all for the time we spent together, so, so special.

STRADBROKE This is a taste if Stradbroke Island .I will be posting more soon


photo 55






Finally we are getting some perfect Sydney weather. This is one of my most favourite places in the world, Balmoral Beach, in Sydney. Although I have been back in Sydney since September today was my first visit to this very special spot. Balmoral is usually one of my first stops when I come back to Sydney. It’s a place I hold in my heart a place that has so many beautiful memories. As a child growing up in Sydney my parents would pack a picnic and my brother, sister and I in the car and head for Balmoral a harbour beach about 20 minutes drive from home. We would spend the day playing in the sand, building sand castles and swimming. We would also be encouraged to chase seagulls for seagull pie a game my parents invented to keep us entertained. My parents were inventive when it came to games especially my Mum who managed to invent a game for every occasion. She even had a game for us to play when making our beds at home. Balmoral continued to be a favourite as I grew into my teenage years and well beyond. However there were times throughout my teenage years when I abandoned  this pretty harbour gem for the big surf of the Pacific ocean and the bleach blond haired surfers with tanned muscular bodies who adorned it. Such is the distraction of youth! I came back though, could not resist it, how could you. Coming down steep the hill from Military road the view across the blue green water through the Sydney Heads is breathtaking. Stepping onto the grass in bare feet is the first thing I do before making my way down the sandstone stairs and onto the golden sand with its crushed shell texture. The rock formations and rock pools are so inviting and the crystal clear water and feeling of the sand between my toes and under my feet grounds me. Matthew enjoyed sharing this special place with me today. Sydney Harbour at its best!




photo-49 The first day of 2013 was perfect! A swim in the pacific followed by a casual dinner with friends. Hope all of you have  fabulous 2013! Matthew took these photos of me enjoying what I love best, a beautiful Sydney beach.

I have documented so many people from the village over the last few years, some of them you will meet in my new book My Greek Island Home. It has been so wonderful, being welcomed by the locals. They have not been fazed by me pointing a camera in their faces and it has been a bonding experience. So when I was asked if I could put up some of the photographs outside one of the kafeneias by the womens committee to help raise money for one of their causes I was more than happy to do so. I sweated over my printer for many hours and printed out about 270 images trying not to overlook anyone, it was challenging! As is the way here in the village the time for the event was not exact we were told around 6pm. At 5pm Matthew and I made our way through the village and up the hill to kafeneio and began to peg up each photo. We panicked when we realised there were a couple of important faces missing and I hot footed it back home sweating like a pig to try and find somewhere in the many files the missing few. There were several telephone calls from Matthew to say people were arriving, it was now about 7pm and they were trying to find photos of themselves. I added a few more to my growing list. When I arrived back there were many woman in their very best some even wore pearls. I was thanked and kissed by many, delighted at seeing themselves in print. The women drank coffee and ate sweet and savoury delights provided by the village womens co op. By the end of the evening only the pegs were left hanging an indication the evening had been a success.


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