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MATT AND SKULLS We took a trip up to the north of the island yesterday, the weather was so beautiful. We visited our friend, Stratis’s, land. It was the most beautiful place in the world. He has goats, sheep and a donkey and they all love him. He treats them with such love and respect and they respond in the same way. He gave Matthew 2 skulls. Matthew was thrilled. A photo of Matt in our garden this morning with his new treasures, another beautiful day.











After heavy rain, thunder and lightening there is a break in the weather. Blue skies encourage me out of our warm village house and into the countryside. I decide to take the dogs, Nellie and Hector out along the track down to the sea. The walk is just over an hour and all down hill so it’s an easy one. Matthew will meet us in the car and we will collect driftwood on a nearby beach for the fire, so the uphill part, which I really ought to be doing on foot, will be on wheels. It’s a beautiful walk, although it’s cold the air is fresh and feels good. The sky is so clear and blue and I can see Turkey in the distance. When we get to the sea there are other canine friends to meet us and the dogs run up and down, they are excited! All goes according to plan until Nellie rolls in the most enormous runny cow pat, its her idea of Channel No 5. She is covered. I hold her by the scruff of the neck her body trembling with fear whilst Matthew douces her in sea water. This alone will not be enough, baby shampoo and a shower is the only hope. The trip up the hill in the car is smelly to say the least but it is to get worse…….. I look back to find Hector vomiting on the back seat. He had decided not to roll in the runny cow pat but eat it! And no it didn’t agree with him. So out of the car I get with the two dogs walking the rest of the way home. Matthew is left to drive back to the village and clean the car out. Is this an alternative to children I ask!

A lovely hot afternoon in the countryside with my Greek rescue dog Nellie. The sheep fit perfectly into the baron landscape.

It’s a very hot day here for sheep. The summers can be as harsh as the winters and the sheep just keep on grazing. What a beautiful backdrop for these lovely creatures.


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