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I have learnt many things living in a Greek village. One thing you realise especially at this time of year, late Autumn, is that food is seasonal. Seasonal food is so easy to forget in a big city because supermarkets stock their shelves with produce from far away places. While it’s great to have choice the real nutritional value of food comes from seasonal freshness. We learned quickly about seasonal food in our Greek village when we asked in the local taverna for a tomato salad in November! The locals thought us mad.

Fruit and vegetable grown in the summer however can be preserved and dried for the winter months. The winter can be as extreme as the summer and where we live there is always the chance of snow and ice. It’s great to have these delicious preserved and dried foods to add variety  to the winter meals. The figs above were picked in the summer by our neighbour, Ralitza. She is very creative, I would go as far as to say she makes an art form with whatever she is creating. I saw these figs she was drying in the summer sun in her garden, how beautiful. They look just like flowers.

The seasons are changing and it’s time for walnut picking. We set off with a neighbour, Effie to her land, stopping every now and again for her to have a cigarette. She has taken a long stick and found another along the way which she has given to Matthew. Whilst the two of them belt the trees I collect the freshly dropped nuts in my dress and yes there is lower back pain! Nellie our rescue dog cowers in fear. After a considerable amount of time passes we sit on the ground, and at Effie’s suggestion and hammer the green flesh that encases the walnut shell with rocks. What a job. What Effie fails to tell us is that the natural dye from the green flesh is lethal. A week later both of us look as if we have been working on a car engine. I feel lucky I didn’t touch my face, Matthew however has ruined a new shirt. I fortunately was wearing black.


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