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Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love a building project. So, can you imagine just how excited I was to be invited by my friend Vicki form Birds Bay to go and take a look around a fabulous Greek Town House mid, restoration in the village of Petra. Matthew and I have been looking at this house longingly for years. So many times we have said, what a wonderful house, and how much we would like to buy it and restore back to its former glory. We have often peered through the keyhole or pressed our noses against any window we could reach. Adonis has beaten us to it, and he is doing a fantastic job. Adonis proudly showed us around the building he is lovingly restoring. It’s a slow process but he’s prepared to take his time to get it right. Although I am sad it can’t be mine he is the right custodian for this beauty. Here are a few snaps I have taken with a lens not really suitable for giving the best overall view. You get the feeling though! My Greek Island Home


This religious box was found by Matthew on the tip. He lovingly restored it, then filled it with votives and icons that he either found or painted. This box now hangs on the wall of our Greek island home. What a find!


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