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This is Margo she is about 4 years old and looking for a lovely home. She loves people children and cuddles. If you think you may have the perfect home for her emails office@ Thank you.

Another dog who needs a GREAT home. Meet Bruto he is a big dog, 25 kilos and he is 5 years old. He is very social and loves people. Bruto is good with other dogs, he is a gentle giant and a natural born leader.







VILLA GAGA5 Matthew and Matilda




VILLA GAGA11 Gerbien and Matilda

We took a trip south to visit Matilda. Matilda is a very special dog and we are hoping she will find a lovely home very soon, meanwhile she is staying with Gerbein and lots of new friends at Villa Gaga. Matilda was chained to a barrel and we saw her every day when we went walking. We took her food from time to time and also would take her for a short walks. The farmer said he didn’t want her and told us to take her, so we did. You couldn’t see her eyes and she had completely matted fur. We hacked our way through it with scissors before taking her to the vet and it still took the vet 2 hours to shave her with sheep shears. Matilda did not complain once. She has a loving nature and is very friendly and gentle. Villa Gaga to is a place where waifs and strays are cared for by lovely Gerbien. Gerbien is another wonderful woman who dedicates her life to the animals. She works so hard and gives so much to all the animals in her care, cats, dogs and horses. It was great to see Matilda, we took her for a walk along the beach with Nellie and were sad to say goodbye at the end of the afternoon. Thank you Gerbien for all the wonderful work you do for the stray animals. Thank you for caring for Matilda and thank you for not only being a sweet, sweet person but also a lovely friend.


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