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UNTITLED (Holiday) This is the time of year when we all think about a holiday. It’s almost Christmas and if you live in the southern hemisphere it’s almost summer. I am now on holidays hooray!  I have left behind the winter months of My Greek Island Home and all my furry friends to enjoy my other life, my Australian life. This is the time of year I spend with family, and friends in the summer sunshine. The sun is not shining at the moment but it is still a beautiful place to be. I am writing this with my computer perched on my lap looking out across Sydney harbour and through the heads. Although it’s grey there is still activity on the water, sailing boats, ferries and ocean liners float across the horizon in front of me. I have chosen this painting by Matthew Usmar Lauder to accompany this post. It’s a beautiful painting small like a gem and touches me. I love it because it reminds me of holidays, it reminds me of the past and it intrigues me. I hope you love it too.

matts painting

I love this painting by Matthew Usmar Lauder.

A beautiful painting of the Aegean, close to our village house by Matthew Usmar Lauder.

Its important to me to have things around that give me pleasure visually and these two things have been giving me enormous pleasure for the last few days. A painting by Matthew Usmar Lauder and a favourite flower of Dame Edna Everage the gladioli!


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