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Today I had a very special visit. ‘My Little Friend’ came to see me at my London flat and I was thrilled! ‘My Little Friend’ has a name, her name is Charlotte and she is still my friend although she is no longer little. Charlotte has grown into a beautiful young woman. I have known Charlotte since she was born and she was always enchanting. I loved the way when I visited her house she would take me by the hand to her room and show me her special things. She was always enormously creative making anything from beautiful art works to cup-cakes.  Sometimes in life you feel a special bond with someone and this is something I always felt with Charlotte. I now live in Greece and she lives in New Zealand so our paths rarely cross but never the less I still feel there is a bond between us. Thank you beautiful Charlotte for taking the time to visit me yesterday I hope you enjoy your gap year and your life is filled with all things beautiful.




Heaven! I’m in heaven, I have just received the most wonderful parcel from London, via Matthew. My love of all things sensual is no surprise to most of you, especially those familiar with my first book Sensual Living. My dear friend Louise Barnetson, is one of the wonderful people I met when I was putting together the book, and I have always been a HUGE fan. Louise has just finished putting together her fab collection and it can be found in the new concept area of Selfidges in London.  What a treat you can actually go in and not only see the collection, but, touch, smell and buy it. All her quality products are handmade in England with wonderful attention to detail. There are large pieces, a dresser, a tressel table and smaller gems, handmade brushes, napkins, leather and fabric cushions and floral scented candles. The fabric design on the cushion has been created by artist, Matthew Usmar Lauder and is a sophisticated and subtle organic design, which fits in with the collection perfectly. The napkins are made of my favourite fabric, linen and are generous in size and soft to touch. My favourite thing if I had to choose though, would be Louise’s scented candles. Louise’s favourite smells are of garden flowers and she has not been tempted to stray. The two scents I have are jasmine and rose geranium and there have been no corners cut in their production. The smells are rich and honest and I have to say the best smelling candles I have ever burnt and I have burnt more than the average person I assure you. They are also beautifully packaged in matt white glass with the simple, The Stanley Supply Store logo. My advice, get into Selfriges and visit The Stanley Suppl Store or go on line, you won’t be dissapointed. Thank you Louise for sharing what you love and care about most and doing it with such style.

[wpvideo CxWV6M5c]

Happy Valentines, this ones for you Matthew! Music created and sung by Amy Bullman.



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