I have documented so many people from the village over the last few years, some of them you will meet in my new book My Greek Island Home. It has been so wonderful, being welcomed by the locals. They have not been fazed by me pointing a camera in their faces and it has been a bonding experience. So when I was asked if I could put up some of the photographs outside one of the kafeneias by the womens committee to help raise money for one of their causes I was more than happy to do so. I sweated over my printer for many hours and printed out about 270 images trying not to overlook anyone, it was challenging! As is the way here in the village the time for the event was not exact we were told around 6pm. At 5pm Matthew and I made our way through the village and up the hill to kafeneio and began to peg up each photo. We panicked when we realised there were a couple of important faces missing and I hot footed it back home sweating like a pig to try and find somewhere in the many files the missing few. There were several telephone calls from Matthew to say people were arriving, it was now about 7pm and they were trying to find photos of themselves. I added a few more to my growing list. When I arrived back there were many woman in their very best some even wore pearls. I was thanked and kissed by many, delighted at seeing themselves in print. The women drank coffee and ate sweet and savoury delights provided by the village womens co op. By the end of the evening only the pegs were left hanging an indication the evening had been a success.