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Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love a building project. So, can you imagine just how excited I was to be invited by my friend Vicki form Birds Bay to go and take a look around a fabulous Greek Town House mid, restoration in the village of Petra. Matthew and I have been looking at this house longingly for years. So many times we have said, what a wonderful house, and how much we would like to buy it and restore back to its former glory. We have often peered through the keyhole or pressed our noses against any window we could reach. Adonis has beaten us to it, and he is doing a fantastic job. Adonis proudly showed us around the building he is lovingly restoring. It’s a slow process but he’s prepared to take his time to get it right. Although I am sad it can’t be mine he is the right custodian for this beauty. Here are a few snaps I have taken with a lens not really suitable for giving the best overall view. You get the feeling though! My Greek Island Home



So exciting, on my dog walk today I saw the first poppies of the year! Whilst those of you in Northern Europe are freezing your sox’s off, here on My Greek Island Home’  we are getting some lovely sunny days and at 18 degrees outside I can walk without a coat. In the garden hyacinths and camellias are opening up and along the track, leading out of the village there are tiny, tiny, delicate, deep mauve, wild flowers bursting up through the soil. Spring is here. I won’t shout to loudly as you never know when there could be a change. I don’t expect we are over the winter quite yet but I am enjoying these days a lot.

Our local bookshop here in Sydney is Potts Point bookshop, it’s a fantastic!  I am not just saying that because my book is in the window either. It really has a fab selection of  beautiful books. Anna and her team make all those browsers welcome. It’s the Kings Cross Festival this week, from 21st to 25th of November. I will be in the bookshop on Thursday night 22nd from 6.30pm with my new book My Greek Island Home so please come and say hello. I can sign a copy for you too.

If you love delicious food and love Greece I suggest you book up for lunch at Universal with Lyndey and I. The fabulous Christine Manfield will be cooking up a storm with recipes from both our books. Lyndey and I will be talking about some of our  Greek experiences.

Yesterday I was invited to speak at the Young Greek Matrons AGM at Pink Salt in Sydney, it was another lovely Greek experience. Thank you Evelyn and Cathy and to all the ladies for inviting me and also for the beautiful flowers (photo above) I was presented with, very unexpected. Julie Gibbs my publisher was there for moral support and to get me talking about my new book, My Greek Island Home and a subject close to my heart, community living. Thank you Young Greek Matrons, Pink Salt, Julie and also the booksellers on the day, Oscar & Friends.




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