Back here in Greece I am all cosied up in our warm little village house with my cat Sweetie curled up on my lap. She hardly fits, she is enormous and wearing her very healthy luxurious winter coat. She has not left my side since I returned from Australia. She is so loved up purring loudly, there is some snoring too. I am not complaining, as I love the love not to mention the warmth. Outside there is a howling gale and torrential rain. Lightening is lighting up the vast skies and loud grumbling thunder follows. Nellie our rescue dog has retreated into the house for comfort and found a nice chair to settle in. The weather has been like this for days. There have been a few moments of reprieve, enough to take a couple of long walks along the track with Matthew and the dogs, Nellie and Hector. It’s great to be back. Memories of Sydney whirl around my head all the wonderful experiences I had are vying for my attention. One lovely evening Matthew and I had was with Katie Quinn Davies and her husband Mick. We met them at a dinner party my publisher Julie Gibbs threw before Christmas. Julie is really the hostess extraordinaire she gathered together a great group of people and served the most delicious food cooked by her self, so impressive. Katie is Irish, from Dublin and began her career in graphic design. In 2009 she decided to photograph food, something she certainly does beautifully. She started her blog

What Katie Ate which became an internet phenomenon. Katie and her husband Mick, a great Aussie man invited us around to their house for dinner a real treat. Matthew secretly thought the invitation was based on our mutual love of cats but who knows. We felt so special to have Katie cook up one of her yummy meals. We had a wonderful night with Katie and Mick and hope for more to come. My culinary skills are not up to Katie’s but I will do my best when we return the invitation. Katie has a new book out which will inspire you. It’s also called What Katie Ate Her simple delicious recipes are photographed to lure you into the kitchen. The photography is reminiscent of paintings by the Dutch Masters. The layout and design of the book, also done by Katie reminds you of a precious family cookbook handed down from mothers to daughters. This book is a visual delight and a must for all those who love to spend time in their kitchens or just love food and photography. I myself will keep looking through the mouth-watering pages, be inspired by the photographs and look forward to Katie and Mick asking us back for another evening. I am including some spreads and a few cropped photos from the book see below. Enjoy and thank you Katie for this treasure.