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Some snapshots from the summer, new friends Ayu, Ming and Sinyo. I hope we meet again soon and thank you for allowing me the pleasure of photographing you.

ANU 1-179-Edit Ayu copyright Claire Lloyd

ANU 2-147-Edit

Ayu copyright Claire Lloyd

MING 1-339-Edit

Ming copyright Claire Lloyd

MING 2-322-Edit

Ming copyright Claire Lloyd


Sinyo copyright Claire Lloyd

SINYO 4-16-Edit

Sinyo copyright Claire Lloyd

Last week on My Greek Island Home I did a portrait shoot with my beautiful friend Maria and her two handsome boys. It was shot not far from home at the end of a perfect Greek summer day.

The morning and evening air is cooling, people are fewer, it feels like autumn. Where has the summer gone, where have the people who came from far away, Canada, America and Australia gone, surely it’s not time for them to return. The children have disappeared too.  Is that it, is it the end of summer, there is still warmth in the midday sun and the sea is warm. I miss it already all of it!

A lovely hot afternoon in the countryside with my Greek rescue dog Nellie. The sheep fit perfectly into the baron landscape.

My friend and neighbour, Ralitza has been making soap in her garden. I made my way over yesterday to photograph her cutting it into healthy looking chunks and yes it will find it’s way into My Greek Island Home. It is now drying in the sunshine.


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