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It’s spring here in Lesvos and a great time to hop on a boat and visit our nearest neighbour, Turkey. Three boats leave from the port at Mytilene at 9am for Ayvalik. The journey takes 1.5 hours unless you take the fast boat which gets you there in 30 minutes. You need to book the fast boat as it fills up quickly. The boats return at 6pm leaving you enough time to shop, eat and explore. Last Thursday we took some friends who were staying with us in Lesvos. We love showing friends around a place that is so dear to us. Thursday is market day and is our favourite day to visit. Market day is always lively and delicious produce is in abundance.  The Turkish people are gentle and warm. This week I was draw to the women. I’d like to thank the ones I photographed they were so open to me and the lens of my camera. Here I share with you their beauty. I also want to share some delicious produce and fantastic colours and patterns.Enjoy!


I love the combinations of pattern and colour worn by this Turkish beauty. She is so relaxed in front of my lens and has such a beautiful open face. 


The local produce is so fresh and  displayed  creatively, the bright colours of the fruit are reflected in the fabrics worn by  local women.


Umbrellas and sheeting cover the fruit and vegetables protecting them from the strong sunlight. Sometimes this casts a hue that accentuates the colours of the fresh produce. I love the dappled light that falls randomly.


Everyone has something to sell and there is something for everyone. Beautiful smiling faces are commonplace.


Children are adored by friends, family and relatives. This little girl has the most amazing green eyes. Simple brushes are placed perfectly.


Such beauty in this face that stares straight at me.  I love her style the way she has wrapped her head and neck in fabric and the wilting herbs tucked in the folds of the fabric.


More beautiful carnations and this sweet little face.


There are patterns everywhere I look. They even cover the tables in the cafes.


Delicious warm freshly baked biscuits covered in sesame seeds must be eaten, yum.


Usually the images I post of  My Greek Island Home (check out my book) are in colour but Greek village life is just as beautiful in black and white. Enjoy my wandering around the village.

IMG_8650_1a Delicious handmade mazipan flowers by the woman in the village co-operative

IMG_3401a A villager eturnig at dusk along the track laden with hay

IMG_5953a A handfull of newly picked fresh wild asparagus

IMG_2325a Panayiota and Stratos  sitting happily together in their kafenio

IMG_0803a Fresh bread being made in the local bakery

IMG_1247a Wash day

_MG_7786a A quite moment for the late Charalambos

20091011_RALITSA LAN`D_4528a A plate of  grapes just picked from a neighbours vine

_MG_4355a Preparation for the olive picking

_MG_1688a Crocheting lace, the village women are always busy

_MG_5671a Bagging up the olives

_MG_4209a Home baking means hands on work

_MG_8180a Watching the world go by

_MG_1705_1a Things turn up in the most unlikely places

DSC00124a The original kitchen in our house

Vasso's mums handa Freshly picked vine leaves which will be used for making dolmades




I photographed a little peak of Matthew and my life here on the island of Lesvos for You Magazine a couple of months ago and here it is. Thank you  Clare Nolan for loving our lifestyle and Fiona McCarthy for  your kind words. Greece is the word 1

Greece is the word 2

Greece is the word 3


Matthew Usmar Lauder, the man who cooked the cake.


The delicious cake.

Here it is what you’ve all been waiting for Matthews delicious flourless chocolate cake. ENJOY!

150 ml olive oil
50 grams cacao (or cocoa)
125 ml boiling water
Vanilla extract
150 grams ground almonds
Half  teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
Pinch salt
Cup of honey
3 eggs

1. Preheat oven 170
2. Oil tins
3. Mix water, cacao and vanilla – set aside
4. Combine ground almond, bicarbonate of soda and salt in a desperate bowl
5. Whisk/ mix eggs, olive oil and honey into a creamy texture (airated)
6.keep mixing- add the cacao mix
7. Finally fold in the almond mixture.
9. Bake for 20mins then check…

NB – this better under cooled than over cooked …


I am very excited to announce my London book launch. My Greek Island Home is being published in the UK by Clearview Books. Next Wednesday night, April 30th Nikki Tibbles, Wild at Heart, Domus Nova and Clearview Books will be hosting a launch party at Nikki Tibbles, Wild at Heart. So excited!

Greek-pages-FINAL 2-7












Finally I am sitting down to say thank you M&C Saatchi. Just before Christmas my friend Tom McFarlane suggested I come into the agency and bring my book, My Greek Island Home to sell in their fab canteen. Tom said it was the perfect Christmas gift. He spoke to the lovely Victoria Uriarte and asked her to come up with something tasty for lunch, with a Greek twist. I set myself up in the corner like a proper saleswoman and enjoyed meeting and chatting to various agency folk that came through the door. It was a lovely thing to do everyone was so friendly, a great atmosphere. The food was just yummie, Victoria really went to town. Slow roasted stuffed leg of lamb, chicken poached in red wine with olives, spanakopita, roasted chat potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, Greek salad, tzatziki, green beans with almond’s, figs baked in fig leaves with ricotta and honey, honey soaked vanilla cake with sesame seeds and poached peaches with crushed pistachios and honeyed yoghurt. As you can see from the photos there were smiles all around. What a great place to work, if I worked there I’d never go home. Thank you Tom and Victoria and thank you to all those who purchased a copy of My Greek Island Home, I hope you all enjoyed it!













Back here in Greece I am all cosied up in our warm little village house with my cat Sweetie curled up on my lap. She hardly fits, she is enormous and wearing her very healthy luxurious winter coat. She has not left my side since I returned from Australia. She is so loved up purring loudly, there is some snoring too. I am not complaining, as I love the love not to mention the warmth. Outside there is a howling gale and torrential rain. Lightening is lighting up the vast skies and loud grumbling thunder follows. Nellie our rescue dog has retreated into the house for comfort and found a nice chair to settle in. The weather has been like this for days. There have been a few moments of reprieve, enough to take a couple of long walks along the track with Matthew and the dogs, Nellie and Hector. It’s great to be back. Memories of Sydney whirl around my head all the wonderful experiences I had are vying for my attention. One lovely evening Matthew and I had was with Katie Quinn Davies and her husband Mick. We met them at a dinner party my publisher Julie Gibbs threw before Christmas. Julie is really the hostess extraordinaire she gathered together a great group of people and served the most delicious food cooked by her self, so impressive. Katie is Irish, from Dublin and began her career in graphic design. In 2009 she decided to photograph food, something she certainly does beautifully. She started her blog

What Katie Ate which became an internet phenomenon. Katie and her husband Mick, a great Aussie man invited us around to their house for dinner a real treat. Matthew secretly thought the invitation was based on our mutual love of cats but who knows. We felt so special to have Katie cook up one of her yummy meals. We had a wonderful night with Katie and Mick and hope for more to come. My culinary skills are not up to Katie’s but I will do my best when we return the invitation. Katie has a new book out which will inspire you. It’s also called What Katie Ate Her simple delicious recipes are photographed to lure you into the kitchen. The photography is reminiscent of paintings by the Dutch Masters. The layout and design of the book, also done by Katie reminds you of a precious family cookbook handed down from mothers to daughters. This book is a visual delight and a must for all those who love to spend time in their kitchens or just love food and photography. I myself will keep looking through the mouth-watering pages, be inspired by the photographs and look forward to Katie and Mick asking us back for another evening. I am including some spreads and a few cropped photos from the book see below. Enjoy and thank you Katie for this treasure.

I LOVE CHOCOLATE! Walking down William street in Sydney is not terribly inspiring generally, however there is a high point, Kakawa, Kawaka is a wonderful chocolate shop where chocolate is made on the premises. When I’m in Sydney I can not resist stopping by and purchasing something delicious from their selection. The only problem is what to choose. For me the rocky road cannot be beaten, it’s infused with passionfruit and melts in the mouth. There are so many edible jewels to choose from but worth returning again and again to try them all. On my next trip I have promised myself  ice cream!

We visited friends on the weekend and I was inspired by a recipe my friend Stephen created. It was a tasty salad with pumpkin, coriander, spring onions and quinoa. Quinoa is a delicious grain with a high protein content. I had been to the local organic stall in Kings Cross, Sydney and had a few of the ingredients at hand. I tend never to follow recipes so I used what I had replacing the pumpkin with sweet potato and added pomegranate seeds, their jewel like quality shimmered on the surface of the salad. There were lilies on the table and their strong evocative scent filled the room. I could not resist photographing nature and nosh. A crisp green salad was a great accompaniment, fresh organic lettuce, steamed organic asparagus and crushed walnuts. What else do you need!

On Wednesday, 14th November, Christine Manfield, one of Australia’s most well known and accomplished chefs, will be hosting an intimate lunch at her two-hatted Universal Restaurant in Sydney’s Darlinghurst with guest authors Claire Lloyd and Lyndey Milan.
At the intimate lunch, guests will mingle with Milan and Lloyd, before sitting down for a three-course lunch, which will be designed and prepared by award-winning Chef Manfield inspired by recipes from both books. During the lunch, both Milan and Lloyd will speak about the Greek culture that they both have fallen in love with for very different reasons, and the important role the people, sights and food continue to play in both of their lives. Tickets are $95 per person, inclusive of wine. Bookings taken by Universal Restaurant. P: (02) 9331 0709


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