Dancer John Mason

My good friend, photographer John Mason,  has just been to Cuba and this is one of the images he sent me this morning. I want to go NOW! I love the dappled light and the colours are so intense. John was one of the first photographers I used when I moved to London, many years ago. I had admired his brilliant work featured in ‘The World of Interiors’ magazine, from afar, when I worked on Australian Vogue. He was always fun to work with because he never took things to seriously. Sometimes that drove me mad because he specialised in tormenting me too. I remember our first trip, we were shooting a car for Vauxhall and the number plates were sent separately. When I started attaching the number plates I noticed one was white and one was yellow. I was so freaked out that they had sent odd plates I could hardly breath with stress and told John. John strung me along to a point where I almost had to be slapped I was so hysterical. Then he told me to look at all the cars around me and yes, they all had one yellow and one white plate. I was so green, and taking my job so seriously, he thought it the funniest thing. I didn’t speak to him for the rest of the day. John is threatening to sail to Lesvos on his boat, has been for years, I’m not holding my breath. Thanks John for this beautiful image and for some great laughs on some great jobs.