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My very first stop on my day trips from Lesvos to Ayvalik is Cafe Le Petit. This little cafe seves the most delicious breakfast in town. I always make the same choice and am never disappointed and the portions are perfect. Breakfast for me is a combination of sweet and savory, tasty cheese, walnuts, olives, cucumber, dried tomatoes, green pepper, preseved fruit, figs and plums, olive oil with rosmary and lightly toasted bread. There are delicious herbal teas, Turkish coffee and fresh orange juice too. All presented with a warm Turkish smile. I hope to be back there soon.


IMG_0774CHEESE We had some of our friends around to My Greek Island Home  for dinner on Saturday night and I cooked a new recipie. It was chicken, slowly cooked in the oven with potatoes. Before I put the chicken in the oven I squeezed oranges and lemons and mixed the juice with, cummin, mustard and a little oil in the blender. I then poured the mixed ingredients over the chicken and placed it in the oven at 150 for about 1.5 hours. Delicious. One of our Greek guests brought us some homemade cheese. It looks to perfect to eat!







Another inspiring day in Turkey, sweltering heat, delicious smells, colourful produce and friendly folk.




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