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Usually the images I post of  My Greek Island Home (check out my book) are in colour but Greek village life is just as beautiful in black and white. Enjoy my wandering around the village.

IMG_8650_1a Delicious handmade mazipan flowers by the woman in the village co-operative

IMG_3401a A villager eturnig at dusk along the track laden with hay

IMG_5953a A handfull of newly picked fresh wild asparagus

IMG_2325a Panayiota and Stratos  sitting happily together in their kafenio

IMG_0803a Fresh bread being made in the local bakery

IMG_1247a Wash day

_MG_7786a A quite moment for the late Charalambos

20091011_RALITSA LAN`D_4528a A plate of  grapes just picked from a neighbours vine

_MG_4355a Preparation for the olive picking

_MG_1688a Crocheting lace, the village women are always busy

_MG_5671a Bagging up the olives

_MG_4209a Home baking means hands on work

_MG_8180a Watching the world go by

_MG_1705_1a Things turn up in the most unlikely places

DSC00124a The original kitchen in our house

Vasso's mums handa Freshly picked vine leaves which will be used for making dolmades




I photographed a little peak of Matthew and my life here on the island of Lesvos for You Magazine a couple of months ago and here it is. Thank you  Clare Nolan for loving our lifestyle and Fiona McCarthy for  your kind words. Greece is the word 1

Greece is the word 2

Greece is the word 3

What a great article on our village life in the August issue of  UK House & Garden  magazine. Beautifully written by Ros Byam Shaw and fabulous photos taken by Paul Massey. Thanks for coming to My Greek Island Home and sharing some of  our favourite things. My Greek Island Home published in the UK by Clearview Books.





What a fantastic London spring night for great party! My Greek Island Home has now been published in the UK by, Clearview Books and was launched in London last Wednesday night. Despite the tube strike and Chelsea playing at home my trusty friends and followers turned up in droves. It was great to see friends both, old and new and also be introduced to some new faces. The venue was Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart in Pimlico, a fantastic location. Nikki generously provided her beautiful shop overflowing with spring blooms and her and the girls, Ruth, Robyn, Sophie and Lucy were perfect hostesses. Domus Nova, Notting Hill’s best estate agent, very generously sponsored the event and kept everyone’s glasses topped up with prossecco, rose and white wine. The Grilling Greek parked his van outside and served up a feast, thrice-cooked chips, pita, hummus, olives and vegetarian souvlaki, it was all so yummy.Some of our Greek recue dogs, Robert, Maisy and April were able to make it to the evening which for me was the highlight .Clearview Books gave 10% of the money raised from the sale of the books to Nikki’s charity The Doghouse. ‘Want me’ t shirts designed by artist, Matthew Usmar Lauder to raise awareness and money for the rescue dogs were on sale too. I am blessed to have such great friends and supporters and thank you everyone for making the night a brilliant success.If you were not able to attend the night and would like to purchase a book you can go to Wild at Heart or online to amazon. It you want to support the dogs and would like a ‘want me’ t-shirt go to Don’t forget to take a selfie in it and share. A shared selfie with the book would also be great.Below are some photos taken on the night by Rob Dawkins, thanks Rob!




















I am very excited to announce my London book launch. My Greek Island Home is being published in the UK by Clearview Books. Next Wednesday night, April 30th Nikki Tibbles, Wild at Heart, Domus Nova and Clearview Books will be hosting a launch party at Nikki Tibbles, Wild at Heart. So excited!

Greek-pages-FINAL 2-7





Good news for all those who have been asking where they can purchase my latest book, ‘My Greek Island Home’. It is now available on pre order from Amazon and This book is a very personal account of living in a village, on a Greek Island.It’s about the importance of community and the generosity of people. It’s about leaving behind a city life and finding joy in a simple life, surrounded by nature, animals and warm local people. There are stories of daily experiences and also a few of my new friends recipes. It has been the most wonderful experience documenting life here and I hope all those who have the chance to read it thoroughly enjoy it.









IMG_0417A I feel very lucky to have met the beautiful Carla Coulson and her husband Francesco in Australia. Carla, Francesco, Matthew and I had a picnic on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour. It was a beautiful sunny Sydney summer afternoon and we enjoyed our time with them, it was so lovely and relaxed. Carla is a wonderful photographer and I have really enjoyed her books Italian Joy and Paris Tango Her photography is feminine and her story, brave and inspiring. Chasing a dream is the title of Carla’s latest book. The title sums up Carla’s story perfectly. Carla gave up the security of her well paid job in Sydney and took a leap of faith into the unknown. She bought herself a camera and headed for Italy and back to school to learn photography. For the past ten years Carla has lived in Europe and has found something she is passionate about, well two things really, photography and Francesco. I think there is a lot to be said for chasing your dreams. We all have dreams and I think we owe it to ourselves to go after them. I understand that such huge leap is not for everyone but I truly believe in finding something that you feel passionate about and going for it. Get the book and be inspired! Thank you Carla for being inspiring and thank you to both you and Francesco for a lovely afternoon and we hope to see you in either Paris or Lesvos soon.













Back here in Greece I am all cosied up in our warm little village house with my cat Sweetie curled up on my lap. She hardly fits, she is enormous and wearing her very healthy luxurious winter coat. She has not left my side since I returned from Australia. She is so loved up purring loudly, there is some snoring too. I am not complaining, as I love the love not to mention the warmth. Outside there is a howling gale and torrential rain. Lightening is lighting up the vast skies and loud grumbling thunder follows. Nellie our rescue dog has retreated into the house for comfort and found a nice chair to settle in. The weather has been like this for days. There have been a few moments of reprieve, enough to take a couple of long walks along the track with Matthew and the dogs, Nellie and Hector. It’s great to be back. Memories of Sydney whirl around my head all the wonderful experiences I had are vying for my attention. One lovely evening Matthew and I had was with Katie Quinn Davies and her husband Mick. We met them at a dinner party my publisher Julie Gibbs threw before Christmas. Julie is really the hostess extraordinaire she gathered together a great group of people and served the most delicious food cooked by her self, so impressive. Katie is Irish, from Dublin and began her career in graphic design. In 2009 she decided to photograph food, something she certainly does beautifully. She started her blog

What Katie Ate which became an internet phenomenon. Katie and her husband Mick, a great Aussie man invited us around to their house for dinner a real treat. Matthew secretly thought the invitation was based on our mutual love of cats but who knows. We felt so special to have Katie cook up one of her yummy meals. We had a wonderful night with Katie and Mick and hope for more to come. My culinary skills are not up to Katie’s but I will do my best when we return the invitation. Katie has a new book out which will inspire you. It’s also called What Katie Ate Her simple delicious recipes are photographed to lure you into the kitchen. The photography is reminiscent of paintings by the Dutch Masters. The layout and design of the book, also done by Katie reminds you of a precious family cookbook handed down from mothers to daughters. This book is a visual delight and a must for all those who love to spend time in their kitchens or just love food and photography. I myself will keep looking through the mouth-watering pages, be inspired by the photographs and look forward to Katie and Mick asking us back for another evening. I am including some spreads and a few cropped photos from the book see below. Enjoy and thank you Katie for this treasure.

Our local bookshop here in Sydney is Potts Point bookshop, it’s a fantastic!  I am not just saying that because my book is in the window either. It really has a fab selection of  beautiful books. Anna and her team make all those browsers welcome. It’s the Kings Cross Festival this week, from 21st to 25th of November. I will be in the bookshop on Thursday night 22nd from 6.30pm with my new book My Greek Island Home so please come and say hello. I can sign a copy for you too.

Some photos by Matthew at Pure and General on the night of the launch of my book, before the crowd arrived. Thanks again everyone!


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