The seasons are changing and it’s time for walnut picking. We set off with a neighbour, Effie to her land, stopping every now and again for her to have a cigarette. She has taken a long stick and found another along the way which she has given to Matthew. Whilst the two of them belt the trees I collect the freshly dropped nuts in my dress and yes there is lower back pain! Nellie our rescue dog cowers in fear. After a considerable amount of time passes we sit on the ground, and at Effie’s suggestion and hammer the green flesh that encases the walnut shell with rocks. What a job. What Effie fails to tell us is that the natural dye from the green flesh is lethal. A week later both of us look as if we have been working on a car engine. I feel lucky I didn’t touch my face, Matthew however has ruined a new shirt. I fortunately was wearing black.