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Norton Ghost

Norton Ghost torrent

Noston Ghost helps keep data on the hard drive safely. New interface, Windows, With the increase in productivity, this new version of their first album of images from the internet, the utility model will continue to be experienced. To create a specific image of your hard drive, easy restoration, or if you would like to see a new system, you can rely on the proven technology of Image.Features drive:? Make a simple user-friendly interface of Windows backup, and step-by-step wizard. ? Save virtually any internal or external drive (CD or DVD burner, USB and FireWire devices, network locations) backups. ? At any time you choose to schedule automatic backups. ? Set the backup as a drive letter for easy access. ? Hot backup images without leaving Windows. ? On your computer, and not only for the protection of all information records. ? Compressed disk image to save valuable disk space. ? The whole system or just selected files to restore? Choose. ? Transfer all your data from one computer to another without the hassle