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[wpvideo CxWV6M5c]

Happy Valentines, this ones for you Matthew! Music created and sung by Amy Bullman.

[wpvideo cV0jQmHk]Matthew and I LOVE all the waifs and strays that have passed through our lives here on the island. It is extremely difficult when any of them die. This week has been challenging as two of our cats have gone missing and one has died. Grey Bear our three legged rogue went to heaven yesterday. Having said that I think heaven for him for the last 2 years has been living with us. He has been a true friend and a wonderful companion. He has made us laugh and now is making us cry. We will love him always and never forget him. Grey came to us for help. How he knew to come I don’t know but he did, he was a clever cat. His leg had been crushed and he was in a shocking state. The pain he was in showed in his eyes. We took him to the wild life rescue centre and his leg was removed. His recovery was touch and go it was also lengthy. When he recovered we took him back to our house where he has remained. Sweetie our first rescue cat was not happy but over time they became friends. Greys favourite thing was opening the refrigerator. He would stand on his one back leg and use his two front paws to break the seal. This film is one we did about 2 months ago. It introduces a few of the cats and dogs in our life, Grey Bear features. Take a look and I hope you like it. Beautiful Grey!

[wpvideo HfiSfttG]I love the light in MY GREEK ISLAND HOME, it uplifts me. It inspired me to make this film. My new book will be available from September 26, just over a week.Music created by Matthew Usmar Lauder.

[wpvideo 9r3bVvOU]

I made this film as in introduction to my new book My Greek Island Home, published by Penguin Lantern on September 26, 2012. I have captured the reaction of our village friends to the book. Their reactions were spontaneous and I am very lucky to have been welcomed with open arms into their community. You can read all about life in a village community through the eyes of an outsider in My Greek Island Home.

[wpvideo GPMpCj3d]I love a sailor! Some of my friends might remember this man who captained a boat from Molyvos to Petra on a sunset cruise almost 4 years ago.

[wpvideo l9gNhQTi]I am really shocked as I have been told that our special little friend Muttley has died. As yet I am unsure how this has happened. Muttley as we called him was a little dog who looked remarkably like Hector. We have known him a few years now and we decided he was one of Hector’s off sping due to his similar appearance. He was a little heavier set with a boxier head but other than that he had the same colouring, the same bushy tail, was around the same height and a very similar spirit. He was a special little dog who was chained up with chickens and who we would take on our morning walks. He loved the walks and being part of our gang. When he was with us he would enjoy his freedom and run and run. Matthew has been in London over the last week and a half so I have not been able to walk him, it’s too much for me with black on the lead. I am so so sad and will miss this very special enthusiastic little dog who gave us so much pleasure and love and laughter. THANK YOU MUTTLEY FOR BEING OUR FRIEND . The film I took of Muttley enjoying his find, a piece of foam on one of our morning walks.

[wpvideo jQIstwCz]A little film I did of Dyan

[wpvideo agRyN7rw]Mutley lives chained to a chicken coup in the Greek countryside. He is a high spirited dog and one we have become particularly fond of. We like to take him for a walk when we can to give him a little joy in his day. He loves to play and finds a number of things to keep him amused as he walks with us.

[wpvideo GyNoOFU9]

This is a film I took of my London Mews house. I designed and refurbished this house building on another floor. The emphasis is on light and space


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