I have been busy in Sydney this last week promoting My Greek Island Home. It has been a delight! I have met some wonderful people! I spoke with Laurie Atlas for  4cA 846 Cairns, 4MK 1026 Mackay and 4RO 990 Rockhampton. I also spoke with Nightlife’s Tony Delroy who is broadcast by the ABC across the country and Rebecca Mclaren from the ABC in Rockhampton. I went to air live on ABC 702 morning programme with Linda Mottram, a seasoned traveller herself. Her enthusiasm for my book was fantastic. Thanks to all for great interviews and for giving me opportunity to tell my story. Lesvos is such a beautiful Island and has been our home now for nearly 3 years. I have decided to make A3 prints of some of the images from my new book. These are available from the new shop on my website www.clairelloyd.com take a look. I leave you with one of the images, enjoy!