The day after I left Australia an advance copy of my new book, My Greek Island Home arrived at the office of Penguin Lantern in Sydney. That was frustrating to say the least.  I have since been on tender hooks waiting, for the books arrival, in Greece. Finally 2 weeks after it had been sent from Sydney, the fast way, DHL, it arrived on a bus and yes I had to be at the bus stop to meet it. If you read the book you will get an insight into how things work here on the island and how days can be lost accomplishing small tasks. I had to chase up the courier company and when I finally tracked them down they said they only delivered to my side of the island on certain days of the week. By this stage I had lost all patience and said I could not wait another day and that they would have to get it to me immediately. The nice woman on the end of the phone said she would get back to me with a solution. The solution was that a bus coming from the main town Mytilene, over an hour away would be leaving at 2pm and would be at the bus stop at the top of our village at 3.30pm and I would need to be there to meet it!  This bus often drops off parcels to people, I know this because our friends at the wildlife rescue centre had taken delivery of an injured snake on a previous occasion. It is not unusual for all sorts of injured critters to be transported that way. So I went off at 3pm in the soaring heat, around 40 degrees through the village streets, not a soul insight to the bus stop hoping my parcel would not be confused with one for the wildlife rescue centre. There is a Kafeneo at the top of the village, I sat with a large bottle of cold water  and talked to a local drinking a beer, who was also collecting from the bus. The bus arrived pretty much on time and the driver disembarked holding my parcel high in the air reeling off the very lengthy DHL code number. He was clearly amused. With Matthew in London it was a little bit of an anticlimax as I retraced my steps back through the village to the house, where I sat and opened my parcel. My friend Domenica, who has just had her first book published a children book called Archie by Domenica More Gordon, came to my rescue via Skype and showed great enthusiasm as I shared with her the odd spread. The book looks lovely and I am pleased. The team at Penguin Lantern have been fab and I have had all the freedom I needed to produce something I’m very proud of. Julie Gibbs the publishing director had great faith in me and encouraged me not only to photograph the book but also write it. I was completey hands on with the layout too. Unfortunately I cannot share it with you at the moment as it’s not being released until September 26, but would love to in time. I will share with you a portrait I took of my Greek teacher Elpida and her son, Yiannis who I spent the day with on Sunday at a beautiful unspoilt beach that could only be reached by an incredibly bumpy track, thank god for the Lada Niva. We stayed till late and had delicious food prepared by a local woman from her caravan.