Daily village life for Matthew since I left, about 7 weeks ago has been mundane to say the least. He is painting our house and is a perfectionist. Matthew has spent every day with a paint brush in hand and a tin of white paint by his side. I have noticed a slight obsession setting in and will be glad to get back to prise him from his tools and take him for a swim in the Aegean Sea. There have been casualties! He found Nellie with a go fast blue stripe across her face. He could not work out how the blue enamel paint found its way along her snout and after a brief investigation realised he had hung a roller, used for painting the entrance way floor tiles, directly above her bed. Grey bear our three legged rescue cat was not safe from the enamel paint either. Matthew found him lying out in the sun like road kill with an enamel paint tin lid attached to his underbelly. Grey was not at all put off by the lid however did become a little scratchy when Matthew  bravely began the  task of removing it. The end result can be seen above. He still does not seem phased as he sleeps like a baby on a resent delivery of wood. Matthew is waiting for my return to shave his underbelly with clippers. I guess my job will be to hold him down so I will need to be prepared for lacerations. Thank you Matthew for all you wonderful work. Also thank you to all our fury friends who keep us amused.