I have thought long and hard about posting this but decided that he was a lovely friend that needed to be acknowledged. One eye turned up just over a year ago for help. He had 2 eyes at that time however one was in a very bad way and bulged from his head, he was also very thin had greasy fur and smelt foul. He allowed us to take him to Joris and Ineke at the wildlife rescue centre where his eye was removed and the hole stitched up. He was certainly a sorry sight but came back to live in our garden where he enjoyed delicious food and much love from us. He was certainly a character and we developed a lovely relationship with him. He became healthy, stopped smelling and even began to look some what presentable. He really wanted to be a house cat and on a number of occasions we would find that he had come in and positioned himself on a cushion, as if it was his favourite spot in the house. One Eye survived a very harsh winter and was looking fantastic up until about six weeks ago when his bad eye seemed to become infected again. He was taken back to Joris and Ineke and they removed some teeth and put him on antibiotics. He then came back home. Sadly he just couldn’t fight his infection and ended back at the rescue centre, unfortunately he was not strong enough to go on any longer. We loved him very much, he brought us joy and love and much laughter and he is etched in our hearts. Thank you One Eye for being a great mate.