Walking through the village yesterday I passed the doctors, it was closed. The front of the surgery is all glass and from the street you can see which village friend is not feeling well. We have had to sit in that room before today and wait to be seen by the Dr. and as you would expect it’s amusing. The last time we were in there was several years ago when Matthew has smashed his big toe . A huge piece of particle board had slipped through his hands onto his toe  which split like a sausage on a barbie!  We went into the town about 35 minutes away on that occasion, but came back to our local GP for dressing changes every 2 days. When we first came to the village there was a Dr who lived here but as the Greek economic situation worsens the surgery time seem times diminish and if a Dr does come he comes from another part of the island. As I walked past and looked through the glass frontage yesterday I was reminded that private health insurance was a must and a private plane was a necessity!