I just happened to glance out our kitchen window yesterday and my eyes met with Irene’s one of our village neighbours. She was thrilled to see me and made her way up the stairs to our front gate calling for me with each step, she had an armful of rose branches. The house was a complete tip and I had only been thinking shortly before that luckily no one would be coming to visit. Straight through the front gate up through the garden and into the house she came chattering all the way. She looked around the house where she set eyes on our cat Sweetie sitting comfortably in the middle of the dining room table. That will get around the village fast. She then found a mug of coffee on the floor beside the chair  which Matthew had abandoned after being distracted by the scanner. She picked this up for safety. She dragged me into the garden to show me where to plant the rose branches, explaining that Matthew would need to dig holes and cover them in soil. She would not let me do it and insisted I get a bucket of water to soak them in, all this in Greek. Irene made her way back into the house where she found Matthew scanning and engaged him in conversation about some of the icons he had painted. Engaged is probably a gross exaggeration! Anyway she dragged him into the garden and armed him with a spade and told him to start digging. She made her way around the garden finding suitable spots for the other rose branches whilst he dug holes and muttered “But I was scanning.” As Matthew dug Irene picked up a few stones and threw them at Matthew laughing loudly. After the task was completed Irene left the garden only to come back  a few minutes later with a jar of small flowers to make tea with before bedtime. Guaranteed to give you a goodnight sleep whilst settling the stomach. Matthew was still muttering “I was scanning”, like she cared, probably never seen a scanner in her life. I am not at all sure how the roses will actually take root and become bushes but perhaps they will. Watch this space.