There always seems to be a disagreement around pruning. I remember as a child my parents having different ideas when it came to this annual event. It is the same in our household. This year we decided to employ a neighbour who came equipped with an electric saw and his English speaking son. The job was to cut back the olive, almond and quince trees and remove a walnut and smaller olive tree. This would open up the garden and allow the sun to shine on the flowerbeds. We had previously discussed that the lilac bushes would not be touched and the spouting bulbs would not be trodden on. I left the house and Matthew and went to the gym. On my return several hours later I found a garden that looked as though it had been raped and pillaged and a distraught Matthew. Both lilac bushes had been set upon with the electric saw, one was a quarter it’s original size the other had been halved. My favourite pot was in pieces much to the amusement of the men, obviously a cultural thing as I failed to find it in any way amusing, and the whole garden had been trampled over leaving limp leaves flattened in the damp soil. GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR. All that for 80 euros! Was it worth it?  Well we did get an armful of almond blossom which looked beautiful when it was placed in vases around the house, there is sun in the garden that the cats and dogs seem to be enjoying and I am hopeful that the lilac will come back stronger and more beautiful than ever. As for the pot, it’s back to the garden centre!