I have seen my new book ‘My Greek Island Home’ safely off to the printer and I am now back in the village. It’s been 3 months since I was here and the weather has been and continues to be harsh. We drove home the other night across the baron mountains, along the west coast of the island, at times it was impossible to see the road ahead. As the snow fell it headed towards us in a horizontal direction hitting the windscreen full on. Manoeuvring the sharp bends was incredibly difficult and the thought of the sheer drop beside us added to the drama of our trip. There has also been a lot of rain, something we rarely see through the summer months. It’s difficult to believe on those long hot summer days that there would ever be weather like this. I love it anyway as the island is so, so beautiful, spring, summer, autumn or winter. The two male dogs that have been living with us for about a year, Bobbie and Black, travelled across Europe by car to their new homes in the UK in January. Both are very lucky dogs to find loving homes and a chance of a long happy and healthy life. We miss their good nature and enthusiasm for anything put their way. I am attaching a painting by a local man who lived in the village it’s really charming and sums up those special nights in the local taverna.