We have a rescue dog, her name is Nellie. She was found on the end of a chain almost starved to death. We spotted her on on one of our morning walks. Without going into the details of her rescue I would like to share a story 4 years into our lives together. Nellie loves her life with us and is a very special dog. We are currently in Australia and when we leave the island Nellie stays with Vasillia a wonderful woman who loves and cares for rescue animals. Vasillia seems to have anywhere between 22 and 27 dogs at a time and is brilliant with all of  them. She is like a dog whisperer. Vasillia has been letting Nellie sleep on her bed, something we never do, spoilt Nellie! Last week she put Nellie out in the garden when she went off to work. On her arrival home she found 3 dogs outside the gate and discovered a tunnel that linked the garden to the street. There was no sign of Nellie……. naughty Nellie. After much searching Nellie was nowhere to be found, very naughty Nellie. Vasillia extended her search, no Nellie. She then went off in her car and searching surrounding areas and called her name as she went. No sign of Nellie! After a long time Vasillia made her way back to the house feeling frustrated and concerned but ever hopeful Nellie would make her way back and be in the garden or at the very least outside the front gate the next morning. Vasillia woke early and went out to into the garden and then to the front of the house but still no Nellie. She then got in her car and drove around and around no luck, no Nellie. Vasillia went off to work. She then got some photos together to make posters,  contacted the local vets and sent ads to local newspapers. Vasillia could not wait for lunchtime  so she could go out again searching. When work had finished she jumped in her car and resumed the search. Still no Nellie. At 7pm Vasillias friend Photini phoned to say she was at the airport about to board a flight to Athens and Nellie was asleep on the scales. She had tried to find something to attach her to a pole so that she would be there until Vasillia arrived but had no luck and found the airport staff unhelpful. Vasillia left her shop and hot footed to the airport and headed straight for the scales but no Nellie. She could not phone Photini as she was mid flight with her phone turned off. Vasillia asked around the airport and was shown a brown dog who was not Nellie. She was extremely disappointed and went home. It occurred to her a little later that Photini had said the dog on the scales was 9.5 kilos and the dog she had been shown was much larger. So back off to the airport she went where she demanded that 2 staff open every office locked or unlocked and where she checked every nook and cranny.  Still no luck so Vasillia was foxed and sat down to a double expresso, something she did when all else failed. At the last sip she had the idea to go back to the airport where she knew we had parked our car. If she found the car perhaps she would find Nellie. She went back and found our car and called for Nell’s and there she was asleep under our car. Nellie had found the airport,crossed a dangerous road, found our car and was waiting for our return. This would have been a 5 week wait! Thank you Vasilli, wonderful Vasillia for loving Nellie and caring for her so much. Nellie very hungry and dirty was taken back to her foster home where she will have to be patient and stay put until our return.