[wpvideo l9gNhQTi]I am really shocked as I have been told that our special little friend Muttley has died. As yet I am unsure how this has happened. Muttley as we called him was a little dog who looked remarkably like Hector. We have known him a few years now and we decided he was one of Hector’s off sping due to his similar appearance. He was a little heavier set with a boxier head but other than that he had the same colouring, the same bushy tail, was around the same height and a very similar spirit. He was a special little dog who was chained up with chickens and who we would take on our morning walks. He loved the walks and being part of our gang. When he was with us he would enjoy his freedom and run and run. Matthew has been in London over the last week and a half so I have not been able to walk him, it’s too much for me with black on the lead. I am so so sad and will miss this very special enthusiastic little dog who gave us so much pleasure and love and laughter. THANK YOU MUTTLEY FOR BEING OUR FRIEND . The film I took of Muttley enjoying his find, a piece of foam on one of our morning walks.