Yesterday afternoon I took the 4 dogs and Bingo the white cat for a walk before meeting with the Yiayia (grandmother) for coffee. We headed out of the village and past the cemetery. I decided to double back with my crew and go up to the top behind the cemetry. It’s a strange spot as there are always old bits of graves and plastic flowers strewn around on the ground, in fact the place looks a bit like a tip. It sort of is a tip, after a period of around 5 years the graves are destroyed and the bodies dug up the bones washed in wine before the are wrapped and stored in a small box on one of the many shelves in a little room. Looking over the metal railing fence into the cemetery I saw 2 boxes they were side by side next to a sink, there were also 2 plastic bottles of red wine. I guess it’s not important if they are vintage or have medals. I could see the top of a scull in one of the boxes and I wondered whether the 2 boxes contained one person. Thought it best not to provide a photo for this one. I didn’t take one it felt disrespectful and I kept the dogs away too as I know just how much they love the odd bone. Matthew was excited when I told him and no doubt he will be straight up there when he returns from London camera in hand. By then they may have found their way onto a shelf. I then went on for coffee with the Yiayia and told her in my best Greek I didn’t drink coffee so I got a glass of water and a peach. I must admit I was secretly hoping for cake! Another bad habit I have picked up from living on the island. Photo a fabric flower from the cemetery.