Diamond on her wedding day.

I feel like I have lost days. The time goes so fast and there are always surprises. Sunday I took the three dogs in the car down the bumpy dirt track that leads out from our village to the sea. Nellie is always good but the other two are like worms and always excited. The water was flat, crystal and perfect. Swimming made me feel really connected to the water. I felt like a fish. It was a wonderful sensation. Black was first in, he always loves the sea. On the way back I hit some rock causing my tyre to blow. I was left stranded halfway between the sea and the village. I managed to remove the spare tyre from under the bonnet, where it’s nestled in between engine parts. The jack however eluded me. I called Matthew and asked if he could find someone to come down and help. There were no passing cars.The dogs remained calm and incredibly well behaved. My best friend from Australia, Mary-lou text me in the middle of my adventure and her advice was not to speak to anyone I didn’t know, advice which we had both been given by our parents years ago. Finally four men turned up and when I text Mary-lou to tell her she said “go luvvie, just like the old days.” She was referring to summer holidays we shared in our teens driving up the Australian coast with our three man tent and portagas stove. We never once had to put the tent up ourselves, always rescued by young lithe brown bodied youths! The four men standing in front of me on this occasion were far from the Aussie youths of previous years, however they did come to my rescue which I was grateful for. They were enthusiastic and determine to find the jack and get me on my way. This they did and as I said thanks and was about to head toward the village Matthew arrived with Diamond, a village friend who was driving him in a pick up truck. Diamond does not speak English and Matthew doesn’t speak Greek so she had woken her mother to translate. Again I’m struck by peoples kindness. I was left not feeling frustrated or annoyed I felt touched, grateful and with a feeling of how lucky I am.