I now have a title for my book ‘MY GREEK ISLAND HOME’.  I have included some recipes from my local friends I am now in the process of checking off all the details which is challenging to say the least. This morning I went to my friend Vasso’s but unfortunately she had a migraine and so we could not speak. Everyone has been distracted with their relatives being back for the summer and getting anything done is very difficult. The village is now thinning out so hopefully I will have more luck. I also called on Effi and although she has not been involved in making anything in the book speaks English and was happy to help. However she made things a little more complicated. Effi got out her kitchen scales and placing a piece of feta on them she tested it’s weight. She kept looking as she cut bits off and started feeding them to me. Anyway the long and the short of it is nothing is measured in conventional ways which of course we all know. So I am no further advanced than I was when I originally put pen to paper many months ago. I will keep trying. Effi has invited me to come to the village women’s meeting tonight, where a new president will be elected. The women get together and raise money for various things in the community. I am being invited to join which is a wonderful thing and it will be interesting. Apparently they sometimes have outings, go somewhere on a bus. I’m not quite sure how I will go with that as I have an aversion to buses and an even bigger one to organised groups. When I told Matthew he laughed and said I will have my face squashed against the window scratching with my nails to get out. Another Greek adventure! Todays picture is of the peelings from a cucumber and a melon. I was sitting outside kafeneo the other day with the local men and one of our neighbours had just arrived back from his farm, he gave them to us, all of us. A knife was produced and both were peeled and sliced and handed out. Delicious and a lovely to eat with community spirit.