One eye is certainly no oil painting but he looks and smells better than we first came across him in the spitarki. His eye was just an enormous bulging lump and he was much thinner and his fur was in a shocking state. This is him spruced up and looking into the house through the kitchen window. He kept his one eye on everything, he didn’t miss a trick, especially when it came to food. Matthew took him to the wildlife rescue centre where Joris removed his eye and also his balls, ouch. Since we have been back we have not seen him and I am concerned for him. Ralitza who fed Sweetie and Micraki and also the kittens said she had seen him and fed him for about 3 days and then he disappeared which means he has not been seen for about 10 days now. I must say I miss not having him watch over me when I am in the kitchen. He was a really affectionate cat and loved the love.