Not much left from the chefs chocolate pudding

Hora laneways

One of our swimming spots

We had a great week in Patmos on a beautiful 1964 sailing boat. The crew were fantastic and the chef cooked up some delicious meals. We were thoroughly spoilt by our friend Isabel. The island itself is small and quite baron, very different to Lesvos. The surrounding water was crystal and being on a boat gave us the choice of the best and most remote swimming spots. The main town Hora is one of those picture postcard spots all white washed with a soft blue used on doors and windows. Small lane ways weave up and down through a maze of  connecting town houses, bougainvillea cascades over pure white walls and long white embroidered drapes hang in front of doors. These billow gently in the wind.  It’s a visual dream to me. Getting back seemed simpler than getting there, although we left on Monday and did not get back until Wednesday. It involved a night in Samos a cabin on an 8hr boat trip and a hotel in Mytilene, we arrived into port at 1.45am. Then there was a taxi back to the airport to collect the car before three different stops to collect part of our small zoo, aptly named by Ineke from the Lesbian wildlife centre. Unfortunately One Eye has not been seen since our return and we are concerned for him. One of the kittens has only been seen once and Hector has gone on a shagging frenzy, what with being left to his own devices for a week. The good news is we found a good home for Bobbie whilst we were away. I think maybe everyone was so over us talking about our various critters they took one to shut us up. It could not be a better result and now we will prepare him for his departure in February.