A quick walk around the village with Hector and Nellie, Bingo joins us we go via the other house to feed the cats and kittens. I then do a repeat performance of yesterday. This time it really is 40days since the death of Christina’s father. The church is full to the brim with people in their best black outfits. I enter via the main door go through the candle routine and head for the right hand side. I know to do this because 7 years ago Matthew and Marcus found themselves the only men amongst a crowd of women and were swiftly  redirected to the left hand side. They had been unaware that men sat on one side and women on the other. The church was hot and there were many woman franticly fanning themselves with hand held fans. There was also a constant chatter throughout the service as the congregation made their way in and out of the church greeting each other and passing comment on anything that came to mind. I wished I could have had my camera as there were some of the best portrait opportunities to date however that would have been inappropriate. The prayers and singing continue and I have a thought that their may be a collection of some kind and I have put the only money I brought with me a 5 euro note into the candle box. My thought becomes reality when all of a sudden handbags are opened and purses are delved into for coins. I feel embarrassed as a man comes around the corner with a plate which I cannot contribute to. I immediately think of the two collections at mass on Sunday when I was a child, always fascinated to see what people put on the plate. I would be now one of those tight bastards that avoided putting my hand in my pocket, oh no! A few of the women came and said hello to me praising my attendance perhaps they noticed I had been there two days running. I then broke out into the biggest menopausal sweat to date with water virtually dripping from behind my kneecaps. The end! The priest climaxes before he announces there are refreshments along the road at one of the kafenios. I take my leave back to the house as I have a three legged cat to deliver to the wildlife rescue centre and Nellie to deliver to Vasillia’s before driving to the airport.

I am off to Patmos today a journey you would like to think will be easy but alas not. Island hopping is not as it turns out to be simple. I fly to Athens then fly to Rhodes arriving at 10pm tonight I meet Matthew, he is coming from London, we stay the night before boarding a boat at 8am tomorrow which will get us to Patmos 5 hours later. Could have gone to Australia! It will be wonderful as we will be on a lovely sailing boat with my friend Isabel. I have not had the energy to work out getting back yet but will be back in a week. This is the last post for a week and I will come back with some wonderful photos of our sailing adventure.