As my Dad would say when he was here, ‘well another beautiful day in paradise’! It is just that. I seem to wander around in circles getting little done and wondering how I managed what I did when I lived and worked in London. It is wonderful though to be so close to nature and seasonal change. This time of the year might be hot and dry but the oleanders brighten up a baron landscape. The colours vary pink, white, burgundy and more unusual light rusty orange. The pink is particularly beautiful against the cloudless blue skies. On my walk this morning was and old woman, I would say around 80 she carried a sack of something over one shoulder she also had a plastic bag filled with something else in her hand. Unfortunately Black was off the lead and made a b-line for her jumping at her and barking at the top of his voice. She clearly was terrified  by him. The poor thing screamed as I did my best to capture the wayward puppy. Not impressed she carried on and I was to pass her on my return leg about an hour later walking along the dirt road that leads to the sea. She was friendly this time and must have forgiven me and my crew of four. I decided not to stop and talk as I did not want to stretch my luck. What stamina this woman had, so impressive.