With the village party going on until 7.30am for the fourth night I have now become so used to the unbelievable noise of amplified music, clapping, laughter and shouting that I have ditched sleeping in the bath which was what I was driven to on night one. We actually joined in on Saturday night. We were a table of 10, my parents along with friends Rose and Barnaby,  their two daughters and three of their daughters friends. At 7pm the village was awash with both men and women on horseback. They were not all from our village, neighbouring villages also joined in. Preparations began in the Platia then all the horses and their riders headed  for the entrance of the village where they grouped together before being lead by musicians through the village and then along a dirt road high up to the chapel to be blessed. Some of the horses were not enjoying themselves which I must say I found quite disturbing. I also thought it was a little dangerous as some reared up and kicked. There was a carnival feeling as the villagers gathered to watch. A travelling Chinese salesman set up stall close to us which was brimming with plastic bits and pieces that to me seem completely useless Matthew however was drawn to the table finding it fascinating. The stall was in the most dangerous and inappropriate of spots but the Chinese man seemed completely unaware of this and continued titivating his display oblivious to any danger. One woman Toula very proudly displayed her peacock on a stick which had been purchased from the nearby stall.

Hannah and Molly find a puppy starved of both food and love and shower it with both. I hope they come back and take him home with them he would be such a lucky puppy.