The stamina of the villagers continued on Wednesday night. More music amplified across the village and just when I thought it couldn’t get any louder the wind whisked up and so did the decibels. The night was hot and sticky and my only option was to head towards the bathroom with cotton wool in my ears and three doors between me and the outside world. Pillow under my arm I grabbed a cushion from one of the terrace benches dropped it in the bath tub and there I slept! It was challenging as my legs hung over the edge and I had to sleep on my side. Matthew had walked through the village at about midnight with the dogs and reported back it would not be a long one as there was one lone villager dancing and about twelve eating chops. He was wrong the music ended a little earlier around 5am. We are bracing ourselves for the weekend when not just one live band will be playing but three all competing with each other. The street will be closed off and the celebrations will become serious. We have booked a table for Saturday night but wether we will be able to go the distance I doubt so it will be back to the bathroom for me until Monday.