Last night was a hot one and after a walk along a nearby beach with 2 of the dogs we had a yummy dinner of fish, salad, cheese pies, loulouthia, white beans and watermelon. We headed back to the village under shining bright twinkling stars, there was a faint cool breeze. I decided it was to hot and the night to beautiful to sleep indoors so I laid down on the terrace looking into the dark sky watching the shining stars.There was music playing, it was rising up from below and it was loud. The village was not going to sleep as it was the start of village celebrations, a yearly event. The live music played loud and clear until dawn and at around six am I managed two hours sleep. Every year at this time horses are decorated and a procession leaves the village for a small chapel high in the hills. The priest had gathered in the platia around seven with the horses and there riders all preparing to leave the village, it was mayhem. These celebrations will now go on until next Monday morning by which time I will be completely insane due to sleep deprivation. We are joining in on Saturday night, a party of 10 at our table will enjoy great food and traditional music. We may join in the dancing although I doubt any of us will have the stamina to last until dawn.