Wandering through the village this morning I came across this beautiful rose

I also passed many grape vines laiden with unripe grapes. Another few weeks and there will be an abundance ready eat.

We were invited into the home of Gregory and Mirsini. Mirsini’s father had been a self taught artist and they are getting together material for a book , there is also talk of a show at the Louvre. The paintings in the house were charming and depicted beautifully a time which has now passed. We were left longing to see more. They chatted to us over a coffee and a bowl of freshly cooked delicious rice pudding. I was glad not to have had breakfast. It was a lovely rendezvous and all 4 of the dogs were included. Bobby however could not resist and entered the house to take a look around barking when he glimpsed himself in the oven door. He also destroyed their door mat I was not impressed our hosts however took it all in their stride.