A call from Ineke at the Lesbian Wildlife rescue centre triggered off a cooking frenzy. Her and her husband Joris set up the centre here on the island 18 years ago and have worked full on for all these years rescuing an rehabilitating wildlife, not only from this island but also from neighbouring ones. They do an amazing job. Ineke phoned to invite us to join her in her birthday celebrations. I offered to make something for the occasion and she suggested something along the lines of ‘pop it in in one’s’ ! So before I knew it I had had whipped myself up into a frenzy. It’s not that I don’t enjoy cooking but I never use recipes from books, choosing to concoct things visually or by combining ingredients based on taste. Sometimes I remember a past culinary experience and attempt to recreate it. But on this occasion reaching for the cupboard I drag out a cookbook which has never touched by human hands and leaf through it to find a suitable dish. Spinach pies, my first though had to be disregarded as the spinach season had ended. I found a recipe a mixture of aubergines, feta and a few other other ingredients which I then set about doctoring to fill filo pastry parcels. The temperature inside the kitchen was well above the 30, really helpful for  pastry which I have to admit not making from scratch. A process which I thought would take 1 hour tops went on for 3 and the thing I pride myself on most, visual content had vanished completely. The added ingredient sesame seeds chosen by me to sprinkle on the outside to enhance the look was not a good idea as the seeds ended up inside the parcel and even between the sheets of pastry that by now had become stiff and dry. How on earth anyone can make those triangular  parcels look perfect I will never know. Anyway they were cooked delivered and eaten mission accomplished.

Before cooking

After cooking