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So exciting, on my dog walk today I saw the first poppies of the year! Whilst those of you in Northern Europe are freezing your sox’s off, here on My Greek Island Home’  we are getting some lovely sunny days and at 18 degrees outside I can walk without a coat. In the garden hyacinths and camellias are opening up and along the track, leading out of the village there are tiny, tiny, delicate, deep mauve, wild flowers bursting up through the soil. Spring is here. I won’t shout to loudly as you never know when there could be a change. I don’t expect we are over the winter quite yet but I am enjoying these days a lot.


IMG_0364 snakedA

hannah 1

IMG_0221 snaked A

hannah 4

IMG_0061 snaked

hannah 2

One of my last days in Sydney was spent with my sister, Monica and her daughter Hannah at Neilson Park, a beautiful harbour beach in Sydney. These are some of the snaps I took of beautiful Hannah.


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