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Spring has been far to long coming this year. The only hint is the blossom decorating the fruit trees. Stealing from trees that are just awakening from the long harsh winter months seems almost cruel although placing these pretty budding stems into found glass bottles brings the house to life. I love the way they fit so beautifully in front of the dynamic landscape painted by Matthew Usmar Lauder you can go here to purchase this landscape, a taste of our Greek Island Home.

untitled shoot-7993-6 Landscape by Matthew Usmar Lauder


untitled shoot-7988-4-2














We have gone from Our Greek Island Home on a Greek Island holiday. No dog walking, kitten feeding or animal rescue for a week! We are on the island of Kithira, a beautiful island between Crete and main land Greece and it is bliss. Here is a taste of what touches our senses every day. Now I will jump back into the crystal waters and swim my heart out. Happy summer holidays

One of my lovely friends gave my book, MY GREEK ISLAND HOME to her mum as a gift  Her mum, Joan sent me the most touching card the words meant a lot to me so I will share them in this post.

Claire, Your book has come into my life and it has brought me warmth, peace and wonder, but most of all reality. The eye and mind rests – one feels transported through the photographs. The more one looks the more you want to stay with each shot – it makes you feel good. the script top class, you’ve got style – fantastic. I can hear your heart- beat. Congrats Therese’s Mum – love Joan.

Thank you Joan for such appreciation.


A lovely hot afternoon in the countryside with my Greek rescue dog Nellie. The sheep fit perfectly into the baron landscape.

It’s a very hot day here for sheep. The summers can be as harsh as the winters and the sheep just keep on grazing. What a beautiful backdrop for these lovely creatures.

Book Cover:  My Greek Island Home


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