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roses 2 Claire lloyd

roses ClaireLloyd

I cannot resist photographing flowers for me they are the most feminine things in nature. In Greek the word for rose is triandafilo which means 30 petals, isn’t that beautiful.

These beauties are sitting on my table. They started out a deep shade of pink but as the days have passed their colour has faded, they are still magnificent!

Yesterday I was invited to speak at the Young Greek Matrons AGM at Pink Salt in Sydney, it was another lovely Greek experience. Thank you Evelyn and Cathy and to all the ladies for inviting me and also for the beautiful flowers (photo above) I was presented with, very unexpected. Julie Gibbs my publisher was there for moral support and to get me talking about my new book, My Greek Island Home and a subject close to my heart, community living. Thank you Young Greek Matrons, Pink Salt, Julie and also the booksellers on the day, Oscar & Friends.

You can almost smell them! Freshly picked narcissus in a ceramic bowl from


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