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Good news for all those who have been asking where they can purchase my latest book, ‘My Greek Island Home’. It is now available on pre order from Amazon and This book is a very personal account of living in a village, on a Greek Island.It’s about the importance of community and the generosity of people. It’s about leaving behind a city life and finding joy in a simple life, surrounded by nature, animals and warm local people. There are stories of daily experiences and also a few of my new friends recipes. It has been the most wonderful experience documenting life here and I hope all those who have the chance to read it thoroughly enjoy it.

IMG_2968 I am so excited I am in the Yatzer top 50 articles for 2012.  I have come in at number 25 with My Greek Island Home , wow. I love Yatzer a great online destination for all things creative, art, photography, architecture and design. Thanks Yatzer and all of you who have enjoyed the article. You can order the book from or

One of my lovely friends gave my book, MY GREEK ISLAND HOME to her mum as a gift  Her mum, Joan sent me the most touching card the words meant a lot to me so I will share them in this post.

Claire, Your book has come into my life and it has brought me warmth, peace and wonder, but most of all reality. The eye and mind rests – one feels transported through the photographs. The more one looks the more you want to stay with each shot – it makes you feel good. the script top class, you’ve got style – fantastic. I can hear your heart- beat. Congrats Therese’s Mum – love Joan.

Thank you Joan for such appreciation.


My friend and neighbour, Ralitza has been making soap in her garden. I made my way over yesterday to photograph her cutting it into healthy looking chunks and yes it will find it’s way into My Greek Island Home. It is now drying in the sunshine.

Book Cover:  My Greek Island Home

He found something to amuse him in the book

A Yiayia enjoying ‘My Greek Island Home’ last night in the village.


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