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As promised another one of Vassilia’s beautiful Greek rescue dogs we met.This is Bessie and she is looking for a beautiful home. She is a little larger than a medium sized dog and weighs about 20 kilos. She is 4 years old, VERY affectionate and good with cats. Lets us know if you need more info on Bessie,

Last weekend Matthew and I went to photograph some of Vassilia’s rescue dogs. Vasillia is one of the wonderful people on the island working to help stray cats and dogs. Over the next week or so I will post some of our sweet friends who need good homes. If you have a lovely home and would like to share it with one of these beauties please email me, If not if you could introduce them to your friends please. Thank you Vassillia for all the good work you do. I will now introduce you to Amber a big gentle dog around 18 kilos and three and a half years old.

Last night I was interviewed by Serene  Mastrianni from RADIO 2 WOMAN in America. Thanks Serene. Although the telephone line from here was not great , I struggled a bit to hear the questions however, I enjoyed speaking with Serene about My Greek Island Home, very much. You can hear the interview by clicking here RADIO 2 WOMAN. My Greek Island Home is available in America from, Antropologie US,  This shot was taken in Kithira by Vittorio Mariani. Thanks Vittorio.

I’m loving the summer on My Greek Island Home and the shadows created by the abundance of harsh sunlight. There are patterns everywhere, transforming static surfaces into moving images.












We have gone from Our Greek Island Home on a Greek Island holiday. No dog walking, kitten feeding or animal rescue for a week! We are on the island of Kithira, a beautiful island between Crete and main land Greece and it is bliss. Here is a taste of what touches our senses every day. Now I will jump back into the crystal waters and swim my heart out. Happy summer holidays










Another trip to Ayvalik and every sense is stimulated.

I have been without internet for a couple of weeks now, making it impossible to post. There are advantages to being out of touch with technology and one of them is having time to watch the setting sun. We all need find time to surround ourselves with the beauty of nature. Here on My Greek Island Home it’s not difficult to find beauty around every corner. I am so lucky to be here.

I renovated this mews house in London several years ago. We lived in it for a couple of years before selling it. I completely renovated it, starting from scratch with just 4 walls. I added an extra floor and inserted sylights into the roof. I also had also glass panels set into the outside terrace floor, letting light into the kitchen below. My aim was to make a small London mews house feel like an appartment. I achieved this by opening up the spaces and bringing in as much light as possible. As usual everything was painted bright white. The outcome was a serene, spacious liiving space which we enjoyed enormously. Photographs by Nathalie Preim








I renovated this appartment in Notting Hill several years ago. Matthew and I absolutely love it and lived in it very happily for a few years before moving to Greece. When I first set eyes on it, it was in a terrible state but to me the location, light, enormous rooms and the history could not be ignored. It was a great challenge and I love a challenge. All the windows were replaced, reproduced exactly as the originals but this time with double glazing. The floor separating it from the downstairs neighbours was heavily sound proofed and new electrics and plumbing were installed. I played around with the layout and added an extra room on top with two sets of double doors opening out onto a roof terrace. From the terrace there are views over West London and beyond. It is a truly beautiful place to live. From My Greek Island Home I look at these pictures from  and wish I could live in two places at once but being an Aussie girl I am drawn to open spaces, vast skies and a huge amount of sunshine. So for the moment Lesvos it is.  The fab paintings on the walls are by Matthew Usmar Lauder and the photos of the appartment were taken by Natalie Priem. The flat is now available for rental through Domas Nova. Claire Lloyd homes.



VILLAGE BOY2 Last summer I held a little exhibition at a local village coffee afternoon . I hung around 250 postcard size images of local people I had previously photographed on a fence outside one of the cafe neas. After the photos had been viewed by one and all I let people take them, the fence was stripped bare within minutes. I photographed these beautiful brothers on the day.


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