As I sit at my local limani I am thinking how lucky I am to be here in spring on the island of Lesvos. Above me are piercing blue skies, all around me wildflowers carpet the surrounding fields and the Aegean Sea with its crystal waters stretches before me.

There is no better place to contemplate the months ahead. I am excited to think about where I will go, what I will learn and the new experiences I will have.

Last year I chose to do something I had never done before, something exciting and a little bit scary. I booked a photographic workshop, Intrepid Naples, hosted by my lovely friend Carla Coulson.  This was a very new experience for me and it left me feeling elated and more knowledgeable not just about photography but also about myself. Check out what I experienced and some of the photos I took HERE.


This year I am once again tempted.  Carla’s 2017 workshop is in Puglia and is a story telling workshop. To see more about the workshop click HERE. Carla is a great teacher and just loves sharing her knowledge which she does generously and with huge enthusiasm. The opportunity to capture images in such a beautiful place whilst learning would be magical.

So, I suggest you give yourself the greatest gift of all, time to tap into your creativity and improve your photography in beautiful Puglia with Carla.

I will leave you with these tempting photographs by Carla Coulson whilst you consider if her workshop is the place for you this European summer.



Carla Coulson Puglia






All Photos Copyright Carla Coulson