This morning I wake open my eyes and find Sweetie about two inches from my face staring at me. I go into the kitchen and have the distinct feeling I’m being watched. I hear a sharp meow, look up and come face to face with Big Balls staring at me through the window. On my way to the bathroom I pass another window and the same feeling comes over me, I look and I see old One Eye giving me the evil one eye. Passing the front door there is a familiar scratching sound mmm……. Hector is letting me know he wants to go walking. There is a another high pitched meow Grey Bear the three legged cat wants to come in. When I open the front door Nellie is whimpering and marching on the spot, huge excitement at the idea of a walk. The day begins feeding cats, walking dogs, feeding dogs, walking cats. It feels like GROUND HOG DAY.  PHOTO Hector waiting patiently or perhaps impatiently judging by the look on his face.